Scientists may have 5 layers instead of 4 on Earth

Scientists may have 5 layers instead of 4 on Earth

The earth consists of 4 main layers according to what is taught in science lessons. These layers are from outside to inside, in the form of crust, mantle, outer core and inner core. However, this information seems to change in the coming years. Because a group of scientists think there may be one or more inner core layers inside the inner core layer.

According to the information in Webtekno, geophysicist Joanne Stephenson, who works at the Australian National University, announced that they have gained enough knowledge to rewrite the textbooks about the Earth.

In this context, scientists, who developed a special algorithm to evaluate the data collected by the International Seismology Center over the years, have succeeded in examining the paths of seismic waves traveling from one end of the Earth to the other. This review contains remarkable details.


Taking the Earth’s rotation axis as the beginning, scientists determined that there was 54 degrees of deviation in seismic wave paths. Although this deviation did not show much for the inner core, it was significant in the outer core.

Stephenson says this may be due to the difference in the structure of the element iron, known to be found in the inner core. If this difference can be proved, we will start to talk that the Earth has another inner core.

The reason for the deviation in the path of seismic waves is not fully understood at the moment. Stating that this is a puzzle, Stephenson states that they have completed one more piece of the puzzle with their determination and that this piece can enable much more information to be discovered. Experts continue to work on this exciting information.

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