Russian opposition leader Navalni goes on hunger strike

Russian opposition leader Navalni goes on hunger strike

In prison, Russian opposition leader Aleksey Navalni went on a hunger strike on the grounds that his request for medical assistance was denied.

Navalni’s letter to the prison warden was also shared on his social media account.

The Russian opposition leader stated in his letter that he had pains in his back and legs but did not receive medical assistance.

Emphasizing that every prisoner has the right to call a doctor and be examined in his letter, Navalni said, “I demand that a doctor be allowed to see me. I declare a hunger strike until this happens.

On February 2, the Moscow City Court converted Navalni’s 3.5-year suspended sentence, which was given in the past as a result of the corruption case, to 2.5 years of normal imprisonment by calculating the sentence he spent at home.

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