Russian dissident Navalny's health is getting worse

“Russian dissident Navalny could die any minute”

Examining the test results of the 44-year-old Navalny, his doctor warned that according to these results, the Russian opponent could stop at any moment and risk death. Navalny’s doctors are not allowed to see him in prison.

The Russian dissident announced that as of March 31, he had started a hunger strike on the grounds that his doctor was not allowed to visit him and that he could not get the necessary medical assistance.

Navalny explained that he had a herniated disc and that he started to lose sensation in his hands along with his pain.

Navalny is being held in a prison known for its very tight control in the Vladimir region of northeastern Moscow.


Navalny was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for violating judicial control requirements while in Germany.

Navalny, who was transferred to the Charite Hospital in Berlin on a private plane on 20 August 2020, on his return from Tomsk city to Moscow, was transferred to the Charite Hospital in Berlin and recovered.

Claiming that “he was poisoned by Russian intelligence on Putin’s instructions,” Navalny was detained at the airport while he was under passport control on his return to Moscow last weekend and was arrested by the court where he was taken. Protests were held across the country for the release of Navalny.


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