Russia bribery operation: A gold-plated toilet was found in the house of the traffic police

Russia bribery operation

Russia bribery operation

The Russian police came across luxury vehicles and gold-plated toilet bowls in the armada made by Stavropol Traffic Branch Director Aleksey Safanov, who was detained as part of the bribery operation, in the palace cub’s house.

In a bribery operation organized by police teams in Russia, Aleksey Safanov, Director of the Stavropol Traffic Branch of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, and more than 35 traffic police officers working under his orders were detained.
The searches made at Safanov’s house within the scope of the operation were astonishing.
In addition to the luxury vehicles he owned, it turned out that Safanov did not build a house, but officially a baby palace, and even the toilets in the house were gold-plated.
In addition, it was determined that Safanov was involved in events that exceeded his rank and authority, had connections with mafia organizations and received money for his work.
After the operation, the police launched an investigation against Safanov and more than 35 policemen accompanying him.

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