Royal Family to meet at funeral |  NTV

Royal Family to meet at funeral | NTV

The UK is preparing to bid farewell to Prince Philip. Final preparations are being made for the funeral ceremony, where only 30 people will attend, as required by the Corona virus measures. Nearly 800 soldiers will be present for the ceremony in the garden of Windsor Castle.

The ceremony, which will be broadcast live on televisions, is expected to stretch for 50 minutes. The public will not be allowed to attend the ceremony to be held in St George’s Chapel inside the castle. A minute of silence will be held in the countries that make up the United Kingdom.

Prince Philip, who died last week at the age of 99, will be taken to the chapel by a special funeral vehicle he contributed to its design.

Three sons, daughter and 2 grandchildren, Prince William and Prince Harry, will walk behind the funeral vehicle. The Queen will go directly to the Chapel in her vehicle. According to Covid rules, he will sit alone in the chapel and wear a mask like all other participants.

It is stated that Prince Philip prepared his own funeral before his death. His wife, Queen Elizabeth, makes the finishing touches to the ceremony.

Prince William and Prince Harry, who are tense between them, will not walk side by side behind the funeral vehicle. According to the British press, the Queen developed a formula to reduce tension in the family and decided that their cousin Peter Philips walked between the two brothers. It is also said that Peter Philips will try to mediate between the two brothers.

The Queen made a gesture for Prince Harry, who would not be able to wear a military uniform at the ceremony because he left the Royal. He decided that not all family members wear military uniforms. The men of the family will attend the ceremony in suits.

It is stated that the Queen, who has been meticulously preparing for her husband’s funeral for days, chose her outfit on the last day and had her hair cut.

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