Research: Neanderthals could hear and speak like humans

Research: Neanderthals could hear and speak like humans

According to the study produced by scientists in Spain and the USA, it turned out that Neanderthals, like humans, communicated and had the ability to hear.

According to the published study, it was found that Neanderthals were far from the traditional concept of cave grunts, the sounds they used to speak had a similar capacity to modern humans, their hearing systems were as good as ours, and they had ears “tuned” to perceive these frequencies.


The presence of similar hearing abilities, especially bandwidth, has a communication system as complex and efficient as modern human speech of Neanderthals, says María de las Mercedes Conde Valverde, professor at the Universidad de Alcalá in Spain and lead author of the study. it shows, “he said.

“Neanderthals could produce all sounds in a certain frequency range, as we could,” said Rolf Quam, director of the evolutionary research program at Binghamton University in New York. “There does not seem to be any difference in their ability to make speech sounds. Therefore, if these words had any meaning for them, they would definitely say ‘hello’ or ‘okay’ ”.


While scientists who examine the fossil records say that the bones that make up the hearing system have been preserved until today, in the new study, the findings obtained as a result of scanning fossilized ear structures belonging to Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and an ancient human species, thought to be the ancestor of Neanderthals, revealed that the sound energy of Neanderthals’ ear structures was determined by computed tomography. It was reported that it could reach the frequency.

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