Research: Intense exercise can double heart problems - Health News

Research: Intense exercise can double heart problems – Health News

A new study from the UK has found that intense exercise can double the risk of developing a potentially fatal heart problem.

In the study carried out on Danish football player Christian Eriksen’s heart attack on the field at EURO 2020 last month, the possibility of athletes experiencing sudden heart failure was investigated.

In the study, which was conducted on more than 70,000 people, 7,000 of whom participated in regular sports competitions, it was reported that people who exercised intensely were 2.5 times more likely to experience irregular heart rhythms or atrial fibrillation (rhythm disorder).


In the study, it was stated that people aged 55 and younger reported 3.6 times more heart problems than those who do not exercise intensely, and people who do sports such as football and rugby have a higher risk than those who do endurance sports such as rowing, running or cycling.

In the research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, it was underlined that exercise is good for the heart only up to a certain threshold and that previous research on this subject was supported.


Lead author of the study, Dr. “The risk of atrial fibrillation (rhythm disorder) is higher in people who play sports that require intense exercise than those who don’t exercise and do noncompetitive physical activity,” said Jamie O’Driscoll of the study.

However, the study emphasized that overall physical activity improves cardiovascular health, reduces the risk of high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol and reduces the risk of death.

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