Research: Covid-19 increases the risk of complications in pregnancy by 50 percent - health news

Research: Covid-19 increases the risk of complications in pregnancy by 50 percent – health news

Conducted by Oxford University Nuffield Department Women’s and Reproductive Health researchers, Covid-19The results of the study, in which the effects of the pregnancy were examined in detail and comparatively, have been published.

Study caught corona virus pregnant She explained that women and newborns are at higher risk of complications than previously known. The study revealed that the coronavirus is three times more likely to be linked to severe medical complications in newborns.


In case pregnant women get coronavirus; It has been announced that he is at greater risk of complications such as premature birth, high blood pressure with the risk of organ failure, need for intensive care and death. “Women who have had Covid-19 during their pregnancy are 50 percent more likely to experience pregnancy complications,” said Aris Papageorghiou, a professor of fetal medicine at Oxford University, one of the authors of the study.

Papageorghiou said, “Babies born to infected mothers are three times more likely to experience severe medical complications such as being taken into intensive care, as premature births usually occur. The good news is that women who have corona virus without symptoms are the same as women who do not get the virus,” said Papageorghiou.

Papageorghiou also stated that the risk of death during pregnancy or in the puerperium is 22 times higher in women caught with Covid-19.

“We are now aware that the risk of the virus to mothers and babies is higher than we thought at the beginning of the pandemic. We know that the health measures taken should also be applied to pregnant women. This information should help families because it is now clear that infection should be avoided. This is also the case,” said Stephen Kennedy, a professor of reproductive health at Oxford University. He also supports the provision of vaccines to all pregnant women, “he said.


The study was conducted in 18 different countries on more than 2 thousand 100 pregnant women. Within the scope of the study, each woman who had Covid-19 was compared with two women who gave birth at the same time and in the same hospital and did not have Covid-19.

The study, whose results are published in the JAMA Pediatrics medical journal, also revealed that the risk of infection to newborns is higher in cesarean section deliveries.

In addition, it was stated that breastfeeding does not increase the risk of passing the virus from mothers to babies.

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