Renault employees take factory managers hostage in France

Renault employees take factory managers hostage in France

Workers at a factory belonging to the automotive giant Renault Group in the Morbihan region in the north-west of France, blockaded the factory and detained the managers.

The largest state-owned company Renault decided to sell the Fonderie de Bretagne factory in the city of Caudan, in the Morbihan region.

Approximately 350 employees and their families opposed the decision on the grounds that they would lose their jobs with the sale of the factory, and closed the factory entrance and exit from the morning.

Workers took factory managers hostage.

Mael Le Goff, a representative of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) trade union, told the press that they will not release anyone until their demands are met.

In the statement made by Renault, the actions of the employees and the detention of 7 managers were condemned.

In the statement, which called for the blockade against the factory to be lifted as soon as possible and to release the executives who were held hostage, it was noted that the search for customers to buy the factory continues, so that the employees continue to work.

The company announced its decision to sell as part of its savings plan towards the end of March.

At the meeting held yesterday by the ministries of Economy, Labor and Industry and company representatives, it was reported that a rescue fund will be created to protect the jobs of employees. Factory workers argue that this fund plans to reclassify employees and fire them.

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