The so-called 'genocide' response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Dutch House of Representatives

Reaction to the words of the State Department Macron

Al, Macro’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkey responded to questions about their statements in writing.

Turkey’s eastern Mediterranean, Syria and policies based on the legitimacy of international law in Libya topics that emphasizes watch Al, “French President Macron, in response to deliberate questions posed in the program, friendship and alliance relations between our countries, we find unacceptable the statements that use the contravention.” gave place to his statements.

The European Union (EU) before the Summit prepared intentional and European publications for etching the reality of Turkey and stating that the deficit will reach its goal of these claims are inconsistent Aksoy, Turkey should follow it with close bilateral relations formed with the member states with regional policy, the European continent, to be effective on NATO and transatlantic relations and underlined that it will continue to make the biggest contributions.

Al, Macro, Turkey, France’s interior allegations put forward in absolute terms over the next elections will intervene in matters of politics in society alienating foreign origin living in the country and said they found dangerous in this respect.

about 800 thousand inhabitants living in Turkey, the country’s prosperity of Turkish society, peace and an agenda to have pointed out that Al relates to France’s internal politics beyond compliance, whereas in France in Turkey subject to particular selection of failing to become an internal policy debate prior periods in Turkey He pointed out that he was his most justified expectation.

Aksoy noted the following:

“We think that Mr. Macron’s statements are unfortunate and inconsistent in this period when we have taken steps to replace the tension in relations between the two countries with calm and friendship. This insincerity and inconsistency lies at the root of the recent problems with France. and negative attitudes and discourses will see the response by Turkey in the same way we remind again. ”

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