Reaction to Israel from Pink Floyd's lead singer Waters

Reaction to Israel from Pink Floyd’s lead singer Waters

Roger Waters, the lead singer of the famous British rock band Pink Floyd, criticized the forced eviction of Palestinians living in the Sheikh Cerrah Quarter of East Jerusalem by Jewish settlers, and described Israel as an “apartheid (racist, discriminatory) state”.

Waters posted a video post on his Twitter account with the headline “Israel is an apartheid state. Look at the genocidal evictions of Sheikh Cerrah” while the reactions to the Masjid al-Aqsa raid were continuing.

Explaining that he received a message from his friends living in different countries of South America, Waters said that they told him that they would go to Sheikh Surgeon in East Jerusalem.

He criticized BÄ°DEN

Speaking to US President Joe Biden, who said, “I support Israel under all circumstances,” Waters said, “You support the removal of people from their homes like genocide. How would you feel Joe Biden? scum takes him away, “he criticized.

Famous soloist Waters, “This is ours. I am secular. I buy your house from you. I don’t care what you will do. Die. It would be the best. So I can’t believe it. This (approach) makes me angry.”

Waters noted that the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem declared Israel as an “apartheid state” a few months ago, and said that Human Rights Watch was very happy that B’Tselem followed in the footsteps of B’Tselem.

Reminding that South Africa was removed from cricket competitions while under apartheid, Waters also called on UEFA and FIFA not to include Israel in the competitions.

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