Racist message from the Dutch police: one more Turk is less

Racist message from the Dutch police: one more Turk is less

The contents of racist messages were determined in the correspondence of the Dutch police in social media groups.

It was revealed that the police used the statement “One more Turkish less” regarding the death of a 16-year-old girl of Turkish origin.

According to the news published in the Dutch local media, an investigation was launched against the police of Rotterdam for “racist speeches” in WhatsApp groups.

Within the scope of the investigation, it was determined that the police used racist and discriminatory statements against minorities, immigrants and Africans in the country.

“One more Turk is less,” for Hümeyra E., who was killed while one of the policemen was leaving the school. It was recorded that he used the expression.

Rotterdam police chief Fred Westerbeke said the testimony used on Hümeyra E’s death should be condemned and “insulting”.

Westerbeke noted that the police were condemned and the investigation launched against them continued.

Hümeyra E, who was studying at Rotterdam Designcollege, was killed by her ex-boyfriend while returning from school on December 16, 2018.

Hümeyra E filed a complaint to the police because she was disturbed, but her complaints were not taken into consideration.

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