Vaccine certificate explanation from the European Union

Quarantine requirement lifted for passengers traveling from Turkey to Germany

In the statement in the “quarantine obligation” section on the website of the German Ministry of Health, it was stated that if the person is in the risk zone before entering Germany, he should isolate himself for 10 days after entering the country, and the quarantine period for those coming from the virus mutation region is 14 days.

In the statement, it was stated that the quarantine application can be terminated if those who are in the “risk zone” send a document showing the Covid-19 negative test result, the completion of the vaccination process, or a document showing that they have recovered from the disease on the website

In the statement, it was stated that if one of these proofs is transmitted from the website in question before entering the country, it is stated that the person does not need to be quarantined in Germany, and that those coming from “high risk” regions can end the quarantine application if they present a negative test result 5 days after entering the country.

In the statement, it was stated that passengers coming from virus mutation areas are required to quarantine for 14 days.

In the statement, it was also noted that the test in question for risky regions was carried out within 72 hours (in PCR tests) before entering the country, and this test result should be in German, English, Italian or Spanish.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which carries out studies in the field of infectious diseases in Germany, updated the list of risky regions it prepared with the Ministries of Health, Foreign Affairs and Interior, and removed Turkey from the list of “high-risk” regions in the Covid-19 outbreak.

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