Putin: There was no hostility between me and Biden at the meeting

Putin: We agreed on the return of ambassadors to their duties

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Today, US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin met in Geneva, Switzerland.

At the first stage, Putin, Biden and foreign ministers Sergey Lavrov and Antony Blinken met. The narrow interview lasted about two hours. After this stage, a meeting was held between the delegations, mostly consisting of consultants. This meeting also lasted four hours.

After the meeting, Putin made statements. The highlights of Putin’s statements are as follows:

We agreed on the return of the Russian and US ambassadors to their duties. We will start work between Russia and the USA on strategic disarmament. We had a very constructive meeting, both sides were aiming to find common ground. There was no hostility between me and Biden at the meeting.

We did not receive any response from the USA regarding the cyber attacks. Our aim in Ukraine is the implementation of the Minsk Agreement.


Cyber ​​attacks in the USA are also from the USA. We shared extensive information with the United States regarding cyber attacks. Navalny was aware that he was breaking the law in Russia, he is a person who has committed many crimes. Knowing that he was a fugitive, he returned to Russia and asked to be arrested himself.

Biden explained the term “killer” he used about me, and his explanation satisfied me. The USA, which criticizes us about human rights, still has not closed Guantanamo. There is no new armament in the Arctic region, we are renewing the old infrastructure.


Russia has not violated any international law. We know what our mutual red lines are with the USA. We agreed on cooperation for cyber security and strategic stability. Our foreign ministries will meet for the exchange of our imprisoned citizens.

The US embargoes affected the USA as well as Russia. Biden didn’t invite me to the White House, and I didn’t invite him, and the conditions were not met. Biden is a constructive, balanced and experienced politician, we speak the same language.

We are not in the mood to look each other in the eye and declare love, we protect the interests of our countries. We are used to having our words twisted, this has been going on for decades. Our ultimate goal is to reach a new level of trust and understanding.

The reason for the deterioration of Russia-US relations is the steps taken by the USA.

Details of the last minute development are on ntv.com.tr soon…

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