A green light from Putin to the Russians' holiday abroad

Putin stated that he does not expect a big development regarding the results of his meeting with Biden.

Putin, St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, organized by the Russian news agency TASS, answered the questions of the world’s leading news agency executives via video conference.

Referring to the relations between Russia and the United States, Putin pointed out that the United States has worsened bilateral relations and said, “We are not the ones who put the Russian-American relations in this situation.” commented. Emphasizing that the two countries should respect each other and consider each other’s interests, Putin reminded that he will meet with US President Joe Biden on June 16 in Geneva, Switzerland. “I do not expect a huge development regarding the results of this meeting. However, despite the contradictions not created by the Russian side, we have matching interests,” Putin said. he said.

Stating that Biden is an experienced politician, Putin shared his hope that the meeting will be constructive.


Answering a question about whether Russia will completely abandon the use of the dollar, Putin argued that what he said about the dollar was not fully understood, “If you heard me say something about the dollar and you understood it as a reserve currency or as a universal solution, we want to get rid of it, this is not true. That’s not what I was talking about.” said.

In his speeches, Putin said that he criticizes the way the US uses the dollar and said, “The US uses the dollar for various sanctions. For example, Russia cannot pay its partners in military-technical cooperation with dollars.” he said.

Stating that the USA has forced Russia to make payments in different currencies, Putin said, “Our American partners force us to do this. We do not consciously abandon the use of dollars, we are forced to do so. When we do this, a certain system is formed in our financial relationship with our partner. ” used the phrases.

Pointing out that the USA is harming itself by using the dollar as a political tool, Putin said, “They cut the branch they are sitting on. Everyone in the world can see this. Therefore, the share of the dollar in reserves is decreasing not only in our country but also around the world.” said.

Stating that energy companies can also reduce the use of the dollar, Putin said, “This would be a serious blow to the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.” he said.


Speaking about the activities of the political opposition in Russia, Putin emphasized that the opposition should continue its activities within the framework of the law. Sharing the information that 35 political parties are registered in the country, Putin said, “Our political system can be evaluated in various ways. This system develops according to the level of development of Russian society. Let us make our own decision to organize this part of our life.” said.

Reminding that the US Congress building was raided in January, Putin pointed out that many people were detained in this raid, “Have you ever wondered why these men were detained? Why do you only care about the non-system opposition in Russia?” he said.


Touching on the relations between Russia and Germany on a question, Putin pointed out that the German administration will change. Putin made the following assessment:

“Germany is one of our priority partners. I hope that the future administration of Germany will engage with Russia appropriately in the political field, taking into account the special nature of our relations and the interest in continuing our cooperation. We are ready to work at full scale and to overcome all difficulties.”

Answering the question about the emergency landing of the Ryanair plane in Minsk in Belarus and the attitude of Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko, Putin said:

“I do not have the authority to evaluate the leaders of other countries. Lukashenko told me that the plane that had landed in Minsk landed due to a bomb threat. He said that the pilot was not forced to land in Minsk. It would be wrong or unethical for me to evaluate the actions of the President of Belarus in any way.”

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