Presena Glacier in Italy is covered with a sheet to prevent it from melting

Presena Glacier in Italy is covered with a sheet to prevent it from melting

It was hot in Italy. The surface of the Prasena Glacier began to be covered with a giant blanket.

In order to prevent further accelerating melting since 2008, approximately 120 thousand square meters of Presena Glacier is covered with a geotextile cover. This method is used every year.

It takes about a month to cover the 5 meters wide and 70 meters long cover. This cover reflects the sun’s rays back and prevents the glacier from melting.


Christian Casarotto, a glacier scientist at the Trento Science Museum, said: “This method slows down the melting of the snow on the surface. Like the sunshades you use to protect your car from the sun in summer, the solar energy is reflected by this light-colored material. The melting of snow and ice is prevented by 70 percent.” .

The Presena Glacier has melted by a third since 1993. The cause of the meltdown is global warming.

“The melting of glaciers is one of the most striking consequences of global warming. It is necessary to follow the glaciers closely in order to understand what will happen in the future. It is imperative that world leaders take into account what is happening on the planet when making decisions,” Casarotto said.

Locals, who make their living from winter and ski tourism, say that if the glaciers melt and the ski resort closes, they will become “environmental refugees” and have to move to other places.

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