Pandemic period rose to Turkey real estate investment from European countries

Pandemic period rose to Turkey real estate investment from European countries

The Corona virus outbreak has had an impact on the rate of real estate investment in European countries.

Inhouse Global Chairman Fatih Ergüven reported that residential investment increased during the period of the outbreak to Turkey from Europe.

In his written statement, Ergüven reminded that housing sales to foreigners in March increased by 39.9 percent compared to the same period last year, and that it was 4,248.

Noting that houses are mostly sold in Istanbul and Antalya, Ergüven reminded that Iranians are first with 663 houses, Iraqis are second with 644 houses, and Russians are third with 419.


Ergüven, “Iraq and the head of Iran drew the table, the United States, did not escape attention taken real estate in Germany and England. Increased with secretory interest in European Turkey. These data also came in line with our expectations. In particular, purchases from Europe, consists of investors who come to live in our country. ” found in the description.

Stating that in addition to Antalya, Mersin and Yalova are also the focus of foreign investors, Ergüven said:

“There is a return to summer resorts in the summer months. Looking at the trends of individual investors and the reports released, Iranians, Iraqis and Pakistanis are predominantly buying in Istanbul and its surroundings. In the Aegean and Southern regions, we see a more serious European interest in summer holiday purchases. Germany and Sweden come first in the country rankings.” I would also like to underline that foreign investors show a serious demand for commercial real estate. With the purchase of commercial real estate, foreigners who have started to live in our country also bring their businesses to our country and provide a serious foreign exchange return.

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