Italian government blocks Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine from being shipped to Australia

Oxford-AstraZeneca decision from the Netherlands: will not be made to those under 60

The Netherlands announced that it has stopped the use of the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) vaccine developed by the University of Oxford and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca for people under the age of 60.

At a press conference, Dutch Health Minister Hugo de Jonge reported that the use of AstraZeneca vaccine was temporarily suspended for those under the age of 60, following the recommendation given by the Dutch Health Council.

De Jonge shared the information that the vaccine in question will continue to be administered to those over the age of 60.

Emphasizing that the side effects of the vaccine are usually seen in those under the age of 60, De Jonge said, “AstraZeneca is a good and safe vaccine for those over 60.” said.

According to the Health Council’s recommendation, those under the age of 60 whose first dose is with the AstraZeneca vaccine can be given the second dose with the same vaccine.


The Dutch Ministry of Health announced that the administration of this vaccine for those under 60 was temporarily suspended as of April 3, due to side effects in 8 women who received AstraZeneca vaccine.

It was reported that one of the women aged between 25 and 65 years died from a blood clot in the lung.

Following the temporary suspension decision, the Health Services Union of Municipalities (GGD GHOR) canceled the appointments of 700 people over the age of 60 in order to prevent the waste of vaccines.

The Dutch Ministry of Health first decided on March 15 to suspend the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine as a precautionary measure.


The EU’s drug regulator, the European Medicines Agency, repeated that the benefits of AstraZeneca’s vaccine against Covid-19 outweigh its risks, and reported that there was a “link” between the vaccine with unusually occurring blood clots, but this was “very rare side effects”.

EU Health Ministers, meeting after the decision, could not reach a joint decision.

In addition to the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Spain also administer the AstraZeneca vaccine to those over the age of 60.

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