Owner of the ship stranded on the Suez Canal apologizes

Owner of the ship stranded on the Suez Canal apologizes

Shoei Kisen, the owner of the company, apologized to the operators of the ships directly affected by the disruption of the navigation as a result of the ship’s grounding in the Suez Canal in Egypt.

The Japanese firm acknowledged that attempts to re-float the ship “encountered difficulties” and stated that all efforts would be made in cooperation with the local authorities and the ship’s operator company.

Owned by Shoe Kisen and operated by the Taiwanese firm “Evergreen”, the 400-meter-long freighter was caught on the way to the canal on March 24, after a sandstorm and crashed into the shore and got stuck in the canal.

According to the news of the public broadcaster NHK, many towing tugs and excavation machines are moving from the area where the ship is sitting and trying to return it to its course.

It was learned that the “The Ever Given” ship, which was produced in 2018 by Imabari Shipbuilding in Ehime state, which is considered one of the largest shipyards in Japan, was sailing from China and sailing to the Netherlands.

The Suez Canal, which is one of the most important routes of commercial ships between Asia and Europe, is shown as one of the most important waterways of the world, through which approximately 18 thousand ships pass each year.

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