"Our communication with China continues" message from the White House

“Our communication with China continues” message from the White House

At a press conference in the White House, Psaki responded to the Chinese press claims that a summit between the US and China will be held in Alaska.

Refusing to confirm the news in question, Psaki said, “As you may remember, President Joe Biden had a phone conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping on February 10. We are discussing many issues with China.” said.

Underlining that the White House and the national security team are in contact with many countries in the region, Psaki said, “We remain concerned about China in many areas, but we are also looking for ways to work together.” used the expression.


When a journalist asked whether the Trump administration described Cuba as a “terrorist state” and asked whether this would change, Psaki said, “Two principles are important in our policy against Cuba. The first is that democracy and human rights are at the forefront of supporting the Cuban people. The second is Cuban. Americans being emissaries of freedom and welfare in Cuba. ” used the expression.

Stating that the policy change towards Cuba is not currently among the foreign policy priorities of Biden, Psaki said, “We have promised to carefully review the policies of the previous administration, we are doing this. This includes describing Cuba as a ‘terrorist state’. . ” he spoke.

Psaki announced that US President Joe Biden will hold a virtual 4-summit with leaders of Australia, India and Japan on Friday.

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