Obama joins the UFO debate in the US: We don't know what they are

Obama joins the UFO debate in the US: We don’t know what they are

Obama joins the UFO debate in the US: We don't know what they are

Ex-President Obama was also involved in the discussions over UFO images in the hands of the Pentagon. Obama said that while he was in office, they could not figure out what the objects in the video were. The former President of the USA stated that the authorities continue to investigate this. The Pentagon is expected to make new statements about the images called FLIR1.

Images of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) recorded by the US navy continue to be talked about.
Former US President Barrack Obama also made a statement regarding the footage recorded by a war flotilla in 2018.
Obama’s statements confused many people. Former President Obama used the following statements: There are images of objects in the sky that we do not know exactly what they are.
Obama continued his speech by saying, “We don’t know exactly how they move and their direction. They don’t have an easy-to-explain route. I guess people still attach great importance to the investigation of this work. But today I have nothing more to tell you.”
The US navy recorded a video called FLIR1. An object is seen moving across the sky in images recorded in 2015. A triangular object, 35,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, was described by the Pentagon as an unidentified flying object.
In the statement of the pilot who took the photo in the Pentagon report, it was stated that the object disappeared at a speed that could not be followed.
PENTAGON, DEPARTMENT TO SURVIVE UFO IMAGES KURDUPentagon recently established a new observation unit to investigate UFO images.
Speaking on the subject, Pentagon Spokesperson Susan Gough announced that the official name of the team was the Unidentified Weather Phenomena Working Group.
Contrary to popular belief, the task of the Unidentified Weather Phenomena Working Group was determined not to pursue aliens, but to investigate the nature and source of unidentified objects and events.
PENTAGON HAS PUBLISHED UFO IMAGES In the past months, PENTAGON has released images of flying objects allegedly UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) that navy pilots recorded during their mission.
The Pentagon had previously used the phrase “unidentified flying objects” regarding flying objects in images published by a private company.
While it was stated that the first of the three videos was recorded in 2004 and the other two were recorded in 2015, it was underlined that the images were shared to enlighten the public, there was no information about the nature of the flying objects in the videos and they remained in an unidentified status.
It was recently determined that the United States Department of Defense funded a UFO identification program between 2007 and 2012. The mystery of UFO frames has not been solved for tens of years. The secret of the photographs, which have been the subject of discussion for decades and claimed to prove the existence of UFOs, is still not resolved despite the passage of time.
The American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) stated that “secret airplane trials” were behind the UFO observations that peaked in the USA in the 1950s and 60s in recent years. Despite this statement from the CIA, UFO photographs are still at the center of controversy, including a shot by a pilot at Edwards Air Base in California in 1957.
Colarado (ABD), 1929.
New York, 1984.
Los Angeles, 1942
ABD, 1964
Zurich, 1966
California, 1945
Massachusetts, 1952
Texas, 1951
New Zealand, 1951
Oklahoma, 1947
The place where this shot was shot in 1939 is unknown.
UFO DIRECTIVE FROM KONO, JAPAN DEFENSE MINISTER According to the agency, the directives to be applied in the event of an unidentified flying object threatening the security of the country were announced in the notification sent to the SDF units. Minister Kono demanded that if UFOs were found or entered the country’s airspace, the soldiers take a photograph of the object and send this data for analysis.
In the statement, which is requested to analyze the UFO images to be obtained from the public, it was noted that the irregular aircraft powered by drone technology will also be included in this scope. Kono has used the phrase ‘If I speak clearly, I don’t believe in UFOs’ in the past. According to Department of Defense data, there are no known cases of SDF soldiers encountering UFOs in previous records.

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