Nude protest at Prince Philip's funeral

Nude protest at Prince Philip’s funeral

Nude protest at Prince Philip's funeral

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II’s wife, Prince Philip, was the scene of naked protest. When the moment of silence was over, the activist woman, who came to the front of the rudeness, stripped naked and shouted “Save the planet”. The police caught the activist woman, covered her and detained her.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, wife of Queen Elizabeth II was sent off on her last voyage yesterday at Windsor Castle. There was a one-man protest during the ceremony, which turned the eyes of the whole world.
As her one-minute homage was over in front of Windsor Castle, a woman undressed before the crowd gathered in front of the castle. “Save the planet!”
Police teams interfered with the activist woman soon, and covered her. Then the woman, who was taken under full control, was taken into custody.
Hundreds of armed policemen, on the other hand, knit a steel circle around the castle during the funeral.
Queen of England II. The funeral ceremony was held for Elizabeth’s wife, Prince Philip, who died at the age of 99, under corona virus measures.
While only 30 people were allowed to attend the ceremony, the public watched the ceremony from afar, outside of Windsor Castle.
Prince Philip’s coffin, St. George Chapel with the green-colored Land Rover that he helped design.
The funeral vehicle was accompanied by Prince Phillip’s children, Prince Charles, Andrew and Edward, as well as Princess Anne and other members of the royal family.
It was seen that Princess Anne’s son, Peter Phillips, was walking between Prince William and Prince Harry, who left his Royal duties and was reported to have problems with his family.
Male members of the royal family were asked to wear civilian clothing instead of military uniforms.
Queen Elizabeth II followed the cortege, with the guard regiment and some commanders at the forefront, with a car.
The funeral vehicle arrived at Saint George Chapel where Prince Philip would be buried at 14.53. Prince Philip’s navy cap and navy officer sword used in ceremonies were placed on the coffin.
While the religious ceremony in the chapel started at 15:00, only 30 people were taken inside due to the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) restrictions.
Prince Phillip’s 3 German relatives also attended the ceremony, where the Queen sat alone.
A moment of silence was made at the ceremony, and cannon shots were made. The ceremony ended when Prince Phillip’s funeral was buried in the chapel at 15.45.
Despite the royal family’s request, some people were seen coming to Windsor Castle for the funeral.
Here are the reflections from inside and outside of Windsor Castle during the ceremony …

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