Nike and HM are boycotted in China

Nike and HM are boycotted in China

Nike and H&M, who stated that they were worried about allegations of human rights violations against Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang, met with great reaction in China. While many Chinese have called for a boycott of the two companies on social media, some e-commerce sites have also removed H & M’s products from their platforms.

In their statement, the two companies announced that they were concerned about reports that Uyghurs were being forced to harvest cotton in Xinjiang and that they would stop buying raw materials from the region.

Hackers targeted these companies after they announced that famous brands such as Burberry, Adidas, Nike and New Balance would stop purchasing cotton grown in Xinjiang, just like H&M.

The Communist Youth League, affiliated with the Communist Party of China, lashed out at the two companies on the social media platform Weibo, saying, “While they are spreading rumors to boycott Xinjiang cotton, they also want to make money in China? They see it in their dreams.”

The “I support Xinjiang cotton” tag has become a trend topic with about 2.2 million views on Weibo.

The European Union decided to sanction China after 30 years on Monday. The Union announced that sanctions were taken against 4 senior Chinese officials accused of violations in Xinjiang.

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