Night curfew in Italy to be gradually lifted

Night curfew in Italy to be gradually lifted

In Italy, the government has decided to gradually lift the night curfew that has been imposed for a while due to the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic.

The Council of Ministers, chaired by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, evaluated the course of the epidemic in the country and the relaxation of measures accordingly.

In recent days, the government made some changes in the gradual return to normal calendar announced in mid-April, as the number of daily cases fell below 5,000 and deaths below 150 in the country.

According to the written statement made by the Prime Ministry after the cabinet meeting, within the scope of the new decree adopted by the Council of Ministers, the night curfew, which has been imposed since October 22.00-05.00, except for obligatory situations such as work and health, as of May 19, 23.00-05.00. to be applied in hours. The ban will be withdrawn from 7 June to 00.00-05.00, and will be lifted on 21 June.

In the new decree, as of June 1, restaurants are also allowed to serve indoors, while the opening date of the gymnasiums, which is set as June 1, has been reduced to 24 May.

From 1 June, all competitions and sports events, including outdoors, from 1 July, indoors, will be able to receive audiences up to 25 percent of the capacity, a maximum of 1000 people outdoors, and a maximum of 500 indoors.

The opening date for the theme and amusement parks, previously set as July 1, has been moved to June 15.

Indoor swimming pools and aesthetic centers will also be able to serve from 1 July.

Meanwhile, venues such as discotheques will remain closed.

The government also approved the transfer of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Molise and Sardinia to the risk-free category “white” as of June 1, with the decision taken.

Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, shared on his Facebook account, “With the measures taken, the majority of people comply with these and we can continue on the path of gradual re-opening thanks to the effect of the vaccination campaign. The fact that the curfew will start at 23.00 means the resumption of different sectors that are important for our country. However, let’s not forget to pay attention to the basic precautions and be cautious “.

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