Nigeria develops two Covid-19 vaccines

Nigeria develops two Covid-19 vaccines

It has been reported that two local vaccines have been developed against the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) in Nigeria, the West African country.

Boss Mustapha, the Nigerian Government Secretary and Head of Combating Covid-19, said that scientists in the country have developed two local vaccines against Covid-19.

Stating that the clinical trials of the vaccines are continuing, Mustapha said, “The vaccines will be used after clinical trials are completed and approved. This will bring a new perspective in scientific breakthrough and will increase the morale and image of the medical industry in the country.”

Mustapha called on relevant institutions to support them to encourage and motivate researchers in the country.

Nigeria had previously received 4 million 224 thousand doses of AstraZeneca vaccine under the Covid-19 Vaccines Global Access Program (COVAX).

While 161 thousand 868 Covid-19 cases have been seen in the country so far, 2 thousand 30 people have died due to the virus.


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