New formula to increase birth rate: Tech companies in China have reduced hours

New formula to increase birth rate: Tech companies in China have reduced hours

It is the most populous country in the world with approximately 1.4 billion People’s Republic of ChinaA change was made in the population policy in May last year.

With the decision taken, Chinese technology companies also took action within the scope of the population policy, which was changed to allow citizens to have three children.

Although 12 million babies were born in the country last year, this number was the lowest number announced since births were recorded in the 1960s.


The one who, so to speak, takes the responsibility to increase the country’s worrying birth rates. technology In this context, companies announced that they have removed their weekend shifts.

Between them TikTok owner of the app ByteDance’This new overtime policy, passed by technology companies including China, aims to help China achieve its goal of increasing the declining fertility rate.

Video sharing platform Kuaishou and one of the popular games of the last period PUBG ‘developer of Lightspeed & Quantum Studio announced two weeks ago that it had made changes in its working order for the same purpose.

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In April we left behind, the Financial Times stated in its news that the population of China fell for the first time in the last 50 years and stated that the population of the world’s most populous country would fall below 1.4 billion and would hand over the flag to India.

On the other hand, in China 9 in the morning and 6 in the evening six days a week The system has been criticized for disrupting the balance of private life and work and being cited as one of the reasons for the decline in birth rates.


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