Netanyahu's party wins ahead in Israeli election

Netanyahu’s party wins ahead in Israeli election

According to the ballot box exit polls in Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s party Likud completed the elections ahead by removing 33 deputies.

According to Channel13, the right bloc, which is considered certain to support Likud, reached 54 seats in the fourth early general election held in Israel in the last two years.

Yamina party, led by Naftali Bennett, who could support Netanyahu, won the right to be represented in the parliament with 7 deputies.

Accordingly, Netanyahu needs the support of Yamina in order to reach 61 seats in the 120-seat Israeli parliament and form the government.


According to the ballot box exit poll published by Israel’s Channel12 television, the Likud Party has 31 deputies.

The right bloc, which is expected to support Netanyahu to form the coalition government, remained in 53 seats.

According to these results, Yamina Party, which is expected to play a key role in the coalition negotiations, sent 8 deputies to the parliament.

According to the poll of Kanal12, if Yamina supports it, Netanyahu reaches 61 deputies to form a government.

According to Channel13’s exit poll, the Green Atid Party, led by Netanyahu’s opponent Yair Lapid, became the second party with 16 seats.

The Joint Arab List Block, formed by the parties of Palestinian citizens of Israel, lost votes and fell to 8 deputies.

The United Arab List (RAM), led by Mansur Abbas, who left the Joint Arab List Bloc and entered the election alone, failed to pass the election threshold of 3.25 percent.

According to Kanal12’s poll, Yeş Atid won 18, and the Joint Arab List Bloc won 9 deputies. Mansur Abbas’s party, on the other hand, did not pass the election threshold.

The Israeli Central Election Commission is expected to announce the uncertain results tomorrow.

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