Statement by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to increase tension in Jerusalem

Netanyahu advocates shooting of media building in Gaza: legitimate target

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the criticism that he launched an attack on the Gaza Strip to preserve his power is “absurd”.

Netanyahu made a statement to the US-based Face The National channel, evaluating Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip and the latest developments in this context.

Reacting to the criticism that his name was involved in corruption, that he failed to form a government after 4 elections, and that he launched an attack on Gaza to stay in power, Netanyahu said that “this is an absurd criticism”.

Netanyahu argued that the security issue and that the soldiers did not sacrifice their lives for political interests.

Netanyahu, who claimed that they signed “peace agreements” with 4 Arab countries and established “peace” within the country during his prime ministry, was asked about the shooting of the building in Gaza, where the Associated Press (AP) and Al Jazeera offices were located. He claimed that the building was also a legitimate target.

Israeli warplanes hit a building in the Gaza Strip yesterday where the AP and Al Jazeera offices are located.


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