A green light from Putin to the Russians' holiday abroad

NATO warning from Putin | NTV

In an interview with Rossiya-1 channel, Putin evaluated NATO’s military activities and the possibility of Ukraine becoming a member of NATO.

Pointing out that NATO has strengthened its military infrastructure near Russia’s borders, Putin said, “The approach of NATO to our borders is so important that it affects the security of Russia and Russian citizens.” said.

Putin noted:

“NATO’s eastward expansion took place in two waves. This happened at a time when relations between Russia and Western countries were at the level of partnership, but all of our concerns were ignored. I don’t want to sound harsh but they trampled on our interests. prioritizes the interests of people and other peoples.”

Pointing out that Ukraine wants to become a NATO member, Putin emphasized that this is not an empty matter, and said, “American missiles in Poland and Romania can reach the central region of Russia in 15 minutes. Let’s assume that Ukraine is a NATO member. The flight time from the cities of Moscow to Moscow will decrease to 7-10 minutes. used the phrases.

Putin said that many Ukrainian citizens do not want NATO membership.

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