NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg't that "Turkey is an important ally" accent

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg’t that “Turkey is an important ally” accent

Stoltenberg attended the video conference on “NATO’s adaptation” organized by the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University in California.

Turkey’s get a question about the S-400 air defense systems from Russia Stoltenberg, is not something new, the differences between the NATO allies; He said that NATO is a good platform to discuss these differences, disagreements, problems and find solutions.

Stoltenberg noted that concerns were expressed to Ankara on issues such as the S-400, the Eastern Mediterranean and the refugee problem, and continued as follows:

“But we understand also that there is an important ally Turkey. Because you can only see that as important as what you see on the map. Especially in Iraq and that the Syrian border, the progress in the fight against Daesan in the region, in areas where Daesan to check the millions of people liberated, infrastructure foundations Airports in Turkey is very great significance. “

Stressing that they are seeking to reduce the tension in order to take the right steps in solving the problems, Stoltenberg stated that they established a conflict resolution mechanism within NATO and made positive progress in this regard.

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