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‘Mutant virus’ warning from Merkel: we are facing a new epidemic

German Chancellor Angela Merkel asked state prime ministers to implement the agreed measures to combat the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak.

In his statement on the program “Anne Will” broadcast on ARD television, Merkel said that the decisions taken with the state prime ministers at the beginning of March should be implemented effectively and quickly in order to break the third wave in the Covid-19 outbreak.

Merkel said, “There is a need for action in the states,” and demanded that the state prime ministers have effective tools to reduce the number of cases and their use.

Reminding that when the number of new cases reached a certain level, it was decided to press the “emergency brakes” and to implement severe measures, Merkel stated that measures such as restricting going out and reducing contact between people in areas where the number of cases are very high.

In addition, Merkel requested that rapid tests be implemented in schools and workplaces and that employers allow their staff to work remotely.

Prime Minister Merkel stated that if the state prime ministers do not take action to take the measures, he may make changes in the Infection Law.

Pointing to the mutated strains of Covid-19, Merkel said, “Basically, we are facing a new epidemic. “This new virus is much more aggressive, more contagious and more deadly,” he said.

Therefore, Merkel asked that appropriate precautions be taken and implemented seriously, saying “We don’t have much time”.

Criticizing the decisions taken in the states of Berlin and Saarland that some measures would be loosened under certain conditions, Merkel said that he was not happy with these decisions.

Chancellor Merkel also noted that he is behind his promise that everyone will be offered vaccines by the end of September.

In the meeting held by Prime Minister Merkel with the state prime ministers on March 4, the decision that if the number of new cases in 100 thousand people in the last 7 days exceeds 100 for 3 consecutive days, “the emergency brake will be applied” and the harsh measures valid until March 7 will be returned. was taken.

In many states, the number of new cases in 100 thousand people in the last 7 days was over 100 for more than 3 days, but the emergency brakes were not applied and harsh measures were not applied.

In Germany, the number of new cases per week fell at the beginning of January and February, and began to rise rapidly again in late February and March. It is stated that this increase is due to the mutated and rapidly spreading species of Covid-19.


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