Murder solved by smart watch |  NTV

Murder solved by smart watch | NTV

The murder that took place in the villa in the town of Glika Nera, near Athens, the capital of Greece, has been occupied by the public for days. Karolain Anagnostopoulos (20) and helicopter pilot Babis Anagnostopoulos (32) met 4 years ago on the island of Alonisos and got married 2 years ago. The couple, known as a very happy family around, had a daughter last year.

Upon the noise coming from the couple’s villa on 11 May, the police came to the scene and first encountered the body of a dog hanging from a tree in the garden.


Babis was lying on the ground floor, his feet tied, half unconscious. When the police went upstairs, they found Karolain’s dead body with her hands tied and her crying baby next to her. Babis, who had a nervous breakdown crying at his wife’s funeral, said in his statement, “I slept on the sofa downstairs. In the morning, I saw 2 armed people enter the house. They put me on the ground and tied me up and went upstairs. Karolain was screaming and resisting. After a while the sounds stopped. The robbers strangled my wife to death. They took the 10 thousand Euros and jewelery in the house and fled,” he said.


The police, who called the robbers for about 2 weeks, said, “The couple was often fighting. Karolain wanted a divorce. She followed Babis closely upon a report stating that her husband was using violence.

Recently, it was determined from the memory of the smart watch on Karolain’s wrist that the young woman’s heartbeat had stopped 2 hours before her husband said that robbers had entered the house. In addition, signals on Babis Anagnostopoulos’ cell phone showed that the killer was walking around the villa during the hours when he said, “The robbers tied my hands and feet.”

The murderous husband said, “Karolain wanted to leave the house, to get a divorce. We had another fight that day. I tucked a T-shirt into Karolain’s mouth and choked it. Then I made the murder look like robbery. I tied my wife’s hands and feet and killed the dog and hung it on a tree,” he confessed.

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