Military plane crashes in Philippines: 40 people survived, 17 people died

Military plane crashes in Philippines: 42 soldiers lost their lives, 5 soldiers missing

In the Philippines, a military plane crashed while trying to land on Jolo Island in Sulu province.

The military plane carrying 96 people crashed during landing. 42 soldiers died in the accident. Three people died where the plane crashed. 49 soldiers survived the accident with injuries, and 5 missing soldiers are being sought.

It is stated that the plane missed the runway while trying to land at Jolo Airport and could not take off again.

At the moment of the plane’s fall, some soldiers jumped with parachutes. It is not clear whether they survived. However, dozens of soldiers survived the accident with injuries. Some of the injured are in serious condition.

Both pilots of the plane survived the crash. The condition of the pilots was stated to be serious.

The accident was recorded as the biggest accident of the Philippines Air Force in the last 30 years.

It is stated that the soldiers who died in the accident have just completed their training to take part in the fight against the militants of the Abu Sayyaf Organization.

It was also revealed that the crashed plane was donated to the Philippines army by the American army to contribute to the fight against militants.

The investigation into the accident continues. Filipino officials announced that they did not dwell on the suspicion of terrorism.

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