Vatican Press Spokesperson Bruni: for the first time in history, a Pope goes to Iraq

Message from the Pope before his historical visit to Iraq: You are all brothers

Francis, the first Pope to visit Iraq, started his video message before the visit with the words “Hello, my Iraqi brothers”.
Emphasizing that he will go to Iraq as a pilgrim seeking peace, the Pope said, “I am coming as a penitent pilgrim. I am coming to you to repeat ‘You are all brothers.”

In his video message, the Pope said, “After years of war and terrorism, I come to beg God for forgiveness and reconciliation; to ask God for consolation to hearts and healing to the wounded. Ibrahim, who unites Muslims, Jews and Christians in one family, is a girl from other religious traditions.” and I am coming with the desire to pray and walk together with our brothers ”.

Pope Francis will meet with the President and Prime Minister of Iraq in the capital Baghdad on the first day of his trip to Iraq.

The Pope, who will meet with the leader of the Shiites in Iraq, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, in Najaf on March 6, will also meet with the Yazidis.

Pope Francis will meet with the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government in Erbil on his last day in Iraq and will gradually complete his visit to Mosul and the city of Karakus, where the Christian population is the highest.

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