Merkel: We need to contact each level with Turkey

Merkel: We need to contact each level with Turkey

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that at every level need to be in contact with Turkey.

Merkel, the European Union held via video conference (EU) leaders at a press conference after the summit, the summit also discussed reminded that the EU-Turkey relations.

The EU Commission and the EU Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the report presented by the High Representative that good because it reveals multi-faceted relations with Turkey, describing Merkel last year that the Mediterranean to the east of voltage everyone followed and said they were grateful for the elimination of this tension.

Merkel was pleased by what they hear on the one hand, on the other hand they look at developments in domestic politics in Turkey and noted that the concerns raised.

However, despite differences of opinion will not save a reply Merkel’s silence, “On the contrary, Turkey, we need to touch at all levels with” the assessment found.

Merkel pointed out that these contacts are necessary to talk about common interests as well as differences of opinion.

Made the important issues discussed in the interview material Merkel said that EU-Turkey reconciliation, 5-year-old has proved itself in this agreement, illegal that reduce immigration, that complicates the activities of human traffickers, and noted in particular that a large number of helping asylum seekers.

Stating that this agreement also includes the Customs Union issue and its modernization, Merkel said, “Now we need a 2-stage approach that we have actually decided on. We are now taking the first step and granting a mandate to further develop relationships and want to make other decisions in June. Of course, we will also look at how the reduction of tension in the east of the Mediterranean will develop ”.

Merkel also considered the meeting of EU heads of state and government with US President Joe Biden as an important step towards normalizing the relationship between Europe and the USA, saying, “Today was the first meeting, but it was a very important and a gesture that meant that we are in close contact again.”

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