mass poisoning in Kosovo |  NTV

mass poisoning in Kosovo | NTV

A city-wide state of emergency has been declared after about 1,500 people were poisoned for an as yet unknown reason in the city of Decan in western Kosovo.

Deçan Mayor Bashkim Ramosaj said in a statement on his social media account that approximately 1500 citizens were poisoned for unknown reasons and requested medical attention.

Ramosaj stated that they declared a city-wide emergency within the framework of the law.

With the decision taken, the municipality was obliged to “be prepared to manage this emergency that occurred after poisoning”.

Deçan Municipality Family Medicine Center Manager Selmon Berisha said at a press conference that 99 percent of the patients received health services in Deçan, and a small number of citizens were referred to the neighboring city of İpek.

Berisha stated that the health status of the poisoned citizens is good.

On the other hand, it was stated in the Kosovo media that 2 people died due to poisoning, but Kosovo Health Minister Arben Vitia stated that these deaths were not related to poisoning.

There were suspicions that the residents of 6 villages of Deçan had been poisoned by drinking water in recent days.

Naser Ramadani, Director of the Kosovo National Institute of Public Health, noted that they analyzed water samples taken from villages and did not find any water intoxication.

Ramadani stated that they will conduct detailed research on the situation and provide information.

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