March 6 was declared as "national tolerance" day due to Pope's visit in Iraq

March 6 was declared as “national tolerance” day due to Pope’s visit in Iraq

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi declared March 6 a Day of National Tolerance and Coexistence due to the contacts of Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of Catholics, in Iraq.

Kaz─▒mi, in a statement on his social networking site Twitter, said, “Peace and tolerance axes Pope Francis, the greatest religious authority of the Shiites, Ali es-Sistani, on the occasion of the historical meeting and the interfaith meeting in the ancient city of Ur, March 6th, National Tolerance and Coexistence. We are declaring the day “he said.

Pope Francis, the religious leader of the Catholics, who started his visit to Iraq yesterday, met with Ali es-Sistani, the greatest religious authority of the Shiites, at his home in Najaf.

Later, the Pope visited the city of Ur in the province of Zikar (Nasiriye), believed to be the birthplace of Prophet Abraham, and was welcomed by Muslim and Christian clergy here.

Pope Franciscus canceled his foreign trips in 2020 due to the new type of corona virus (Kovid-19) outbreak. Franciscus, who made his first foreign trip in 16 months, is considered the first Pope to visit Iraq in history.


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