Visa decision for AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines from Japan

Low participation in vaccines in Uganda: Covid-19 vaccines are withdrawn before the deadline

The government of Uganda has called for new types of corona virus (Covid-19) vaccines, which are waiting for not being used and expire in July, to be returned to the center.

According to The Daily Monitor, Health Minister Diana Atwine stated that in some parts of the country vaccines are at risk of being wasted due to low participation in the vaccination campaign.

Minister Atwine called for the return of all vaccines that were not used until May 30, and reminded that existing vaccines will expire in July.

“We have brought 964 thousand doses of vaccine so far and distributed it to all regions on March 10, but there is very low consumption in some regions. We will not allow vaccines to expire,” Atwine said.


In Africa, a total of 75,000 doses of vaccine had previously been discontinued in Malawi and South Sudan, as the expiration date had passed.

While 43 thousand 734 cases have been recorded in Uganda so far, 356 people have died due to the virus.

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