Russia launches temporary restrictions on flights in its airspace over the Black Sea

List message from Russia to Czechia: Unfriendly behavior

The Russian government has decided to include the United States and Czechia in the list of countries that have “unfriendly” actions against Russia.

The list of “unfriendly” countries and the measures taken against these countries was published on the Prime Ministry website.

On the list in question, the USA and Czechia were included as countries that have acted against Russia.

Accordingly, diplomatic missions of Czechia will be able to conclude employment contracts with 19 real persons in Russia. US diplomatic missions, on the other hand, will not be able to sign employment contracts with these people.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decision on April 23 to take measures against “unfriendly” actions by foreign countries.


The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a written statement after the decision. The Prague government accused Moscow of escalating tensions. The following statements were included in the statement of Czechia;

We consider this behavior of the Russian Federation as an escalation of tension not only with the Czech Republic, but also with the European Union and its allies.

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