Libyan Prime Minister Dibeybe's government receives a vote of confidence

Libyan Prime Minister Dibeybe’s government receives a vote of confidence

LibyaThe House of Representatives in Istanbul concluded the three-day session in the city of Sirte, 450 kilometers east of the capital, where representatives from the east and west of the country meet.

In Dibeybe’s cabinet with 26 ministers, 132 out of 133 participants passed, one abstention vote was cast.

Speaking after the session, President of the House of Representatives Akile Salih said that the parliament’s vote of confidence in the government is valid until the elections agreed on the road map of the United Nations (UN).

Addressing the parliament after the vote of confidence, Prime Minister Dibeybe thanked the parliament for “signing a historic decision” and said to the representatives, “I wish you to work with me at all stages, to come together in Libya and forget the hatred.” said.

Dibeybe emphasized that they will work to hold the elections on the promised date with the support of the Presidency Council and the Libyan Supreme Election Board. Expressing that the state will not be divided, Dibeybe said, “It is my promise to you. There can be no war again.” he spoke.

According to the roadmap of the Libya Political Dialogue Forum organized under the leadership of the UN, the President of the Presidential Council, Mohammed al-Menfi, Prime Minister Dibeybe and the incoming administration are expected to carry the country to the elections until December 24, 2021.


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