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LAST MINUTE NEWS: US Secretary of State Blinken’s statement on Turkey and the S-400

last minute “data-mce-href =” “> Breaking news! US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, President Joe Biden’s statement on the events of 1915” is expected He said that the purpose of this statement is not to make any accusations but only to commemorate those who experienced those events.

Blinken discussed the agenda at an online press conference with foreign media members.

To a question about Biden’s statement on the 1915 events, Blinken said, “Biden expressed his views that he has carried over the years. He was evident in this regard, both as a senator and in his presidential campaigns. As president of the United States is also consistent in this regard. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise, ”he said.

Reminding that Biden said that he would make human rights and democracy the main part of his foreign policy, Blinken said, “Part of this is to express an understanding of history and the atrocities experienced in the past, especially in order not to happen again. As the President pointed out (April 24), the Memorial Day commemoration is to honor the victims, not to blame it. ” used the expressions.

Commenting on the telephone conversation between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Biden, Blinken said, “I have to state that they had a very good telephone conversation with President Erdogan. They are also looking forward to meeting at the same time.”

Saying that the two countries have many issues to work together, Blinken stated that although there are disagreements between the two countries, Turkey is a critical NATO partner and the United States and Turkey have many regional and global common interests.

“We owe Turkey respect for communicating our disagreements openly and honestly, just as we expect from Turkey,” Blinken said. he spoke.


Referring to Turkey’s acquisition of S-400 air defense systems, Blinken noted that they are open about not purchasing S-400s and that this should not surprise anyone.

Stating that they will continue to cooperate with Turkey, Blinken continued as follows:

“The purchase of the S-400 is contrary to direct promises. All allies made a promise at the NATO 2016 Warsaw Summit that it will reduce dependence on Russian equipment, not to increase it. The acquisition of S-400s is a threat to US security, allied military technology, personnel at the same time. and undermines the cohesion within NATO, with which Turkey has long allied. It also undermines the interoperability necessary to effectively confront the challenges facing the alliance. “

Arguing that the S-400s also cause access to Turkey by the Russian defense sector and its army, Blinken reminded that the USA imposed sanctions on Turkey within the scope of the CAATSA law passed by the congress.

Explaining that they hope to find a way with Turkey on the S-400 issue, Blinken said, “However, it is important that Turkey and all other US allies do not buy weapons from Russia in the future or (Turkey) does not buy additional S-400s.”

Blinken stated that future arms purchases from Russia may also impose new sanctions under CAATSA.

When asked about Turkey’s development of a model for the S-400s similar to the Cretan model that Greece uses for the S-300s, Blinken said the two examples are very different from each other.

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