LAST MINUTE NEWS: The ceasefire statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

LAST MINUTE NEWS: Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Syrian election

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a statement regarding the so-called presidential elections held in Syria.

In the statement of the Ministry, he stated that “the elections organized by the Syrian regime today have an illegitimate nature that does not reflect the free will of the people.”

While the Foreign Affairs stated, “Political consultations will be held in Ankara on May 27, 2021 under the chairmanship of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Sedat Önal and US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman,” is foreseen, “he said.

The foreign ministers of the USA, France, Germany, Italy and England made a joint statement and emphasized that the Syrian elections would not be in a fair and free environment and had no legitimacy.

The US Department of State announced the joint written statement of the foreign ministers of the US and 4 European countries regarding the Syrian elections.

The joint statement included the following statements:

“As the foreign ministers of France, Germany, Italy, Britain and the US, we clearly state that the presidential elections in Syria on May 26 will not be free and fair. We reject his decision. “


In the statement, which emphasized that the relevant countries do not accept an election process without Syrians’ voices and opinions, it was also noted that the Syrian opponents “do not see the elections as legitimate”.

In the statement, which stated that a free and fair election in Syria can only be held under UN supervision and under international transparency and accountability conditions, it was emphasized that “In order for an election to be reliable, all Syrians, including internally displaced Syrians, refugees and those in the diaspora, should be able to participate safely.” .

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