LAST MINUTE NEWS: Russia - Ukraine tension is increasing

LAST MINUTE NEWS: Russia – Ukraine tension is increasing

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The tension between Russia and Ukraine continues to increase day by day. A new statement came from the Kremlin in the tension between Russia and Ukraine. Russia has warned that taking NATO as its goal and deploying NATO military to Ukraine will further escalate the tension.

Moscow said that in this case, Russia will take additional measures to ensure its own security at the Ukrainian border. Russia has been massing troops on the Ukrainian border for a while.

NATO had announced the other day that it was concerned about the Russian military build-up. Kremlin Spokesperson Dimitri Peskov said tensions were extremely high in the line of contact between the Ukrainian army and the Russian-backed separatist forces in eastern Ukraine. He stated that there were many provocations in the contact line.

United States Defense Minister Lloyd Austin also had a phone call yesterday with his Ukrainian counterpart, Andrii Taran. Austin condemned the growing Russian aggression and provocative actions in eastern Ukraine.

Details of the last minute development are soon on …

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