LAST MINUTE NEWS: Subway accident in Mexico: 13 people killed, 70 injured

LAST MINUTE NEWS: Overpass carrying train tracks collapsed in Mexico: 23 people killed, 70 injured

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In Mexico, the overpass that carried the rails collapsed on the vehicles as the train passed.

It was reported that while 23 people died in the incident, at least 70 people were hospitalized.

Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said 23 people were killed and a car was wrecked.

Sheinbaum said on Twitter, “Unfortunately there are dead and injured people. I’m on the field to support the establishment of the command center.”

Regarding the accident that occurred on the subway line that was built when Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard was the mayor of Mexico City, Ebrard said, “What happened on the subway is a terrible tragedy. I am in solidarity with the victims and their families.”

Details of the last minute development are soon on …

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