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LAST MINUTE NEWS: Loss of life due to Covid-19 exceeded 3 million – Health News

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The number of people who died worldwide due to the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic reached 3 million.

According to the “Worldometers” website, where Covid-19 data was compiled, the most virus-related deaths were recorded in the USA with 578 thousand 993. In terms of casualties, Brazil with 365 thousand 954, Mexico with 211 thousand 213, India with 174 thousand 335, England with 127 thousand 191, Italy with 115 thousand 937, Russia with 104 thousand 398, France with 100 thousand 73, 80 thousand 141. Germany and Spain with 76,882 followed.

A total of 35 thousand as of April 15 in Turkey, 31 people lost their lives.

Covid-19, which first appeared in China in December 2019, has spread to more than 200 countries and regions.

While 139 million 710 thousand 707 cases were detected worldwide, 118 million 763 thousand 479 infected people recovered.

Currently, the treatment of 17 million 910 thousand 479 patients continues.

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