LAST MINUTE NEWS: 3 billion euros from the EU to Turkey

LAST MINUTE NEWS: 3 billion euros from the EU to Turkey

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Earlier in the day, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that EU leaders had reached a consensus on giving 3 billion euros to Turkey as part of the migration deal.

Now the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced that the EU will allocate 3 billion euros until 2024 to support the Syrians in Turkey.

The heads of state and government of the member states of the European Union met in Brussels on the second day of the Leaders’ Summit.

In the Turkey session of the summit, the leaders decided to initiate a high-level political dialogue with Turkey on migration, health, climate, counter-terrorism and regional issues.

EU leaders asked the EU Commission to present without delay the official proposal for funding for Syrians in Turkey and other countries in the region.

Details of the last minute development are on soon…

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