King of Jordan, Abdullah II: Be benevolent, the strife in the country is over

King of Jordan, Abdullah II: Be benevolent, the strife in the country is over

After the decision to open an investigation against former Crown Prince Hamza bin Hüseyin and some high-ranking individuals, who made a great impact in the international public opinion, “Where is Prince Hamza?” After the campaign started with the hashtag, a written statement by King Abdullah of the Royal Court of Jordan to address the nation was published.

King Abdullah, who stated that the former Crown Prince Hamza was under his supervision in his palace with his family, said, “Be benevolent, the strife in the country has ended. Our Jordan is safe and stable. And it will continue to remain so, by Allah’s leave.” used the expression.

King Abdullah emphasized that nothing can prevent them from the path drawn by the ancestors for the Jordanian people, Palestine and Jerusalem.

Emphasizing that what has happened recently is not the most difficult days in the country, but because “the perpetrators of the incident are people from within the house”, King Abdullah said, “My primary responsibility is to serve Jordan, to protect its people, its constitution and laws. Nobody can prevent the security and stability of Jordan. Necessary precautions had to be taken to protect this relic. ” gave his statements.

King Abdullah stated that he wanted to deal with the issue within the Hashemite Royal family and assigned his uncle Hasan Bin Tallal to deal with the issue of Prince Hamza in this context, and continued his words as follows:

“Prince Hamza made a promise in front of the family that his fathers and grandfathers would stay on their way, and that he would uphold Jordan’s interests and laws above all. He is now in his palace with his family, under my surveillance. Investigations are continuing on other parties.”

King Abdullah stated that his country has economic problems negatively affected by the new type of coronavirus epidemic and that they are aware of the difficulties faced by the country.


The US-based Washington Post newspaper claimed on April 3 that the former Crown Prince Hamza bin Hussein and 20 others were detained on the grounds that they were “a threat to the stability of the country”.

Jordan Chief of General Staff Major General Ahmed al-Huneyti stated that Prince Hamza was not taken into custody, but he was asked to stop his activities that could harm the country’s security.

Jordan’s Foreign Minister Eymen es-Safedi said on April 4 that the investigation revealed that Prince Hamza was involved in some activities targeting the country’s security with foreign forces.

Stating that the Chief of General Staff asked Bin Huseyin to “stop its activities aimed at the security of the country”, but they could not get a positive response to this, Safedi noted that the former Crown Prince would be treated within the framework of the laws and the Hashemite Royal family.

The former Crown Prince Hamza bin Hussein also signed a letter confirming his loyalty to King Abdullah II the previous day.

In a written statement published yesterday, Amman Chief Prosecutor Hasan Abdellat announced that a broadcast ban was imposed to protect the confidentiality of investigations on Prince Hamza and 20 people accused of committing the same crime.

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