Kick Boxing coach İbrahim Macun succumbed to corona virus

Kick Boxing coach İbrahim Macun succumbed to corona virus

İbrahim Macun, 47, an employee of Buca Municipality in Izmir and also a Kick Boxing trainer, caught the corona virus in recent weeks.

With his worsening condition, Macun was taken to Bozyaka Training and Research Hospital. İbrahim Macun, who was treated here for 2 weeks, died despite all the interventions.

The death of İbrahim Macun drowned his loved ones in sorrow.

Buca Mayor Erhan Kılıç announced the death of Kick Boxing Coach Macun on his social media account. Kılıç made the following statements in his post:

“We are deeply sorry for the loss of our colleague, coach İbrahim Macun, due to Covid-19. God’s mercy on him; My condolences to his family, relatives and colleagues. Rest in peace.”

İbrahim Macun, who is married and has two children, started his coaching career after achieving many successes in Kick boxing and other branches for many years. Putty has trained many athletes throughout his career.

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