Joint exercise from Greece and Saudi Arabia

Joint exercise from Greece and Saudi Arabia

Derya Özcan / NTV Athens

As a result of the agreement between the Armed Forces of the two countries, the Greek General Staff announced that 6 F-15C aircraft belonging to the Saudi Arabian Air Force and related personnel reached the Suda Air Base in Crete on 13 March. On this occasion, Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to Athens Dr. In the announcement that Saad Alammar was also in Crete, it was argued that this cooperation was an indicator of deepening relations between the two countries.

In its written statement, the Greek General Staff drew attention to the strategic importance of Crete and stated that Greece is open to other countries and different alliances that want to exercise with the Greek Armed Forces.

According to reports in the Greek press, Athens is also planning an official visit to Saudi Arabia in April. During this visit, an agreement is expected to be signed for Saudi Arabia to procure patriot missiles from Greece for a period of time. All costs of the operation in question are also expected to be paid by Saudi Arabia.


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reacted to the joint exercise of Saudi Arabia with Greece in a statement he made on Friday and said, “We will also discuss the joint exercise of Saudi Arabia with Greece, which should not have happened, we think it should not have happened.”

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