Cuba's Covid-19 vaccine Abdala is 92.28 percent effective

It was stated that the Covid-19 vaccine application in the USA prevented nearly 280 thousand possible deaths.

Researchers from Yale University and the Commonwealth Fund have published a projection report based on modeling on what would be the odds of the outbreak in the US in the absence of vaccines.

In the report, it was predicted that in the absence of Covid-19 vaccine application, there will be 279 thousand extra deaths in the ongoing epidemic in the USA and close to 1 million 250 thousand people will be taken to hospitals by the end of June.

“This is further proof that our entire government strategy is working and has prevented significantly more tragedies in the lives of Americans,” White House Covid-19 response director Jeff Zients said at the press conference, referring to the report. said.

It was noted that in this modeling, the researchers took into account factors such as the prevalence and contagiousness of new variants of Covid-19, the effectiveness of vaccines, daily contacts in the infection, and the age-specific risks of serious health consequences due to the epidemic.

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